Context data object specifications, schemas, and examples

  • Extending APIs from one App to another is powerful...
  • However, it requires building to a specific API ahead of time
  • Standard context and intent definitions let us create workflows on the fly

FDC3 Context Data defines a standard way to pass common identifiers between apps to create a seamless workflow. FDC3 Context Data is not a symbology solution and is not focused on modeling financial objects. The focus is on providing a standard envelope and a standard set of identifiers that can be used to set a lowest common denominator for interop.

Context Envelope Structure

object: (string) //object type
definition: (string) //url
version: (string) //version # (semver)
data: (array) //the context payload

Example Context Object

{ object : fdc3-context,
  definition :”,
  version : 1.0.0,
  data : [
      type : security,
      name : Apple,
      id : {
        ticker : aapl,
        ISIN : US0378331005,
        CUSIP : 037833100,
        FIGI : BBG000B9XRY4,
        default : aapl
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